UnNatural Passages

By Unfoji

Post Contemporary Constructivist Group

What is needed - no rest
Constructivists abandoned the soil
ejected into space
Just a plane - everyone
and no one

They were pointed out
They were announced
Simulated Square
Simulated line, grid, point
Simulated --+>-#**--

And the sudden memory of an announcement
Irreconcilable war against art
everything came to a point
and ‘new’ constructivists jumped on the bandw@gon

All other images courtesy of the artist. 

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Post Contemporary Constructivist Group

The Mind Melts Before It Melds Into Earth

Uncomfortable Hope is presented in collaboration with The Wrong Biennale 2021-2022

The Wrong Biennale - celebrating digital culture since 2o13, the wrong is a collaborative effort harnessing the potential of the internet, shaped as a decentralized global art biennale & tv channel, open to participation, happening both online & offline, awarded with sois cultura 2o19 and ehrenerwähnung at s+t+arts 2o2o

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