To Set A Table

Installation space designed by Isabella Friis with the work of artist Paul Mok

By Paul Mok

Is it possible to demonstrate fully a first person experience, a person’s struggles and failures in making meaning out of a set of circumstances that has become apparent? Is it possible to display a sculpture as what it truly is - an unfinished process of meaning-making that could be in vain?

To set a table is to lay the groundwork. Is it possible to set one up, in this case, for a could-be fruitless attempt at meaning-seeking? There will be a long dining table that looks like it’s made of a broken piece of concrete floor from some abandoned basement. On the table, there will be pieces of paper that look like notes from fortune cookies. But what they really are, are all the sentences from a piece of 570-word writing written on a gmail-draft while the maker - myself - contemplated on what to put on this table in order to reveal the condition under which the artwork was conceived. It’s practically possible, in one’s head, to put all these sentences back together to form a complete piece of writing. But the ultimate answer to “what’s on the table” will only be the artist’s original struggle in deciding what to put on the table.The struggle in meaning-seeking will be answered with the original struggle in meaning-making.

Images courtesy of the artist Paul Mok 

About the artist

Paul Mok is a New-York-based architectural designer and visual artist. He grew up in Hong Kong, with a bachelor’s degree in architectural studies from the University of Hong Kong, and a master’s degree in architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. His recently completed works include a few sculptural installations, a series of black-and-white stroke drawings, display designs, and a primary school in rural China.

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