Architectural Redemption

Installation space designed by Isabella Friis with the work of architect Natasha K. He

By Natasha K. He

How To Transform An Institution With A Savage History To Serve Its Present People?
“Transformation of An Institution” is a generator to produce a project of “wellbeing”  through a narrative of starting from people and ending for people. To immediate the  “conflict” between absent inmates and present citizens is introduced via a systematic loop.

About the artist

Natasha K. He is an architect, urban designer, artist and the director of DESIGN ARKITECTUUR LTD -RIBA Part 2 Architect.
She has been practicing in the architectural fields for over 11
years; obtained her Master of Architecture at the University of Manchester in 2020.
Over 17 years, driven both by her professional requirement and personal interest, she has been exercising to observe the cities and express her design ideas through freehand drawings, physical models, photography, and digital production.
Next to her profession, she is also passionate about producing her artwork. The forms of fifine art include wall murals, graffiti, oil painting, acrylic painting, freehand pen drawings, and digital art. She also loves to manifest her vivid dream onto the canvas with mad color. She has held and invited to a number of exhibitions and events with other international partners or collaborators. She is personally interested in integrating psychological interpretation into fantasy art, which could be often found in her art. An object of her works might look familiar at first glance, but the story behind is personal and profound. Those objects that she has collected in her memory have been translated into the characters or elements in her fantasy illustration.

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The Mind Melts Before It Melds Into Earth

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