Presence & Absence

Installation space designed by Isabella Friis with the work of Joel Suganth

By Joel Suganth

How do you remember a place, an event, an experience?
How does a place remember a person, an object, an event?
Can memory exist on its own?
Can we imagine the existence of an entity with memories of life here that is not attached to human consciousness?
Can our collective memories exist without us?
What happens when memories are detached from consciousness.

All images courtesy of the artist.

About the artist

Joel Suganth is a photographer and new media artist from Chennai, India. 
He lives and works in Taipei.

Joel uses images, videos, and sound to create experiences meant to explore the traces of lived experience and bring to light the quiet corners of the human mind and consciousness. 

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The Mind Melts Before It Melds Into Earth

Uncomfortable Hope is presented in collaboration with The Wrong Biennale 2021-2022

The Wrong Biennale - celebrating digital culture since 2o13, the wrong is a collaborative effort harnessing the potential of the internet, shaped as a decentralized global art biennale & tv channel, open to participation, happening both online & offline, awarded with sois cultura 2o19 and ehrenerwähnung at s+t+arts 2o2o

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