This Is Not A Film About Water

Installation space designed by Isabella Friis with the work of artist Ilona Balaga

By Ilona Balaga

‘This is not a film about water’ is a new video work by Ilona Balaga that delves into the visual appearances and physical theories of two types of water flows: Laminar Flow - characterized as an orderly flow regime, and Turbulent Flow - a flow running in an irregular and stochastic manner, characterized by chaotic changes in pressure and flow velocity.

The work assembles a collection of different video clips found online, in a composition that portrays the everlasting conflict of order and chaos through the dichotomy of the two water flows. It suggests a social viewpoint on the internet - its source material, as a texture that in its modes of operation, holds both types of flow regimes under the same entity. 

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About the artist

Ilona Balaga (b.1990, Israel) is a multidisciplinary artist based in London and Tel-Aviv, working with sculpture, installation, collage, drawing, video and performance. By accumulation and layering of varied materials and references, Balaga creates structured yet open-ended narrations, in which hypothetical and real events, social matters and their interrelationships are offered. The use of found material is prevalent in Balaga’s work across the different media. Through the employment of existing material, Balaga examines how the representations and objects in our immediate environment function, questioning their authority and the boundaries between art and the everyday, and between the individual and the collective.

Balaga holds a BAFA (2016) from Chelsea College of Art and Design and is a current MFA candidate at the Slade School of Art. She is a grant recipient from The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts (2020) and was granted a studio at the Gabirol Project of Tel-Aviv Municipality (2017-2018). She has exhibited her work in various group exhibitions and is currently showing her second solo exhibition at Bar-David Museum in kibbutz Baram, Israel.

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