Memory Of Rock & Soil

Installation space designed by Isabella Friis with the work of Aravalli Bachao Citizen Movement

By Aravalli Bachao Citizen Movement

The Aravalli mountains have endured millions of years of sustained assault of lava flows, submergence by seas, upliftment by the force of gushing magma from the depths of the Earth, collision with landmasses and erosion by wind and rain — to become a contiguous range running 700 kms across the 4 states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi in North-West India.

A movement came about to raise awareness in the public about the importance of the Aravalli ecosystem and the threats it is facing and to put pressure on the government to protect these forests and hills from disappearing.

About the contributor

Aravalli Bachao Citizens Movement is a non-partisan group of citizens from India’s National Capital Region and across the nation who have come together to save one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world from destruction by mining, commercialisation, illegal encroachments, dilution of protective laws, toxic landfills, waste incineration plants and other such activities. The group’s overwhelming demand is for the entire 700 km Aravalli range running across four states to be seen as one living ecosystem and declared a permanent biosphere reserve so that North West India’s climate guardian, shield against desertification, critical water recharge zone, biodiversity hotspot and wildlife corridor can be protected for our future generations.

Aravalli Bachao Citizens Movement also works closely with pan-India forest, environment, youth, climate action citizens’ groups and organisations to save natural ecosystems, wildlife habitats and forest dwellers’ rights across India.

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